Department of Chemistry


  1. Name and address of the Department : Department Of Chemistry

Birjhora Mahavidyalaya

PO & Dist. Bongaigaon

ASSAM, PIN- 783380

  1. Telephone number : 03664-228808 (office)
  2. Date of establishment of the department:w. e. f. 1986-87
  3. Built-up area of the department in sq. m. 351 sq. m
  4. Programmes offered :
Programme Level of study Cut-off marks at entry level in % Student strength
B.Sc. Major UG Passed H.S exam with at least 40% marks in the subject 22
B.Sc. General UG Passed with at least 30% in the subject at HS. 130
  1. List the teaching staff :
Name of the Teaching staff Designation Qualification Specialisation
Mr. Mohan Karki. Associate professor M. Sc. Organic Chemistry
Dr. Munindra NathThakuria. Associate professor Ph.D. Physical Chemistry
Dr.Paresh Chakravarty. HOD&Associate professor Ph.D. Organic Chemistry
Sri Pranab Kumar Das Assistant professor M. Sc. Inorganic Chemistry
  1. Laboratory staff: Mr.SubashCh.Roy; Sri Durjyodhan Barman (Contractual)
  2. Infrastructure:

a.Two Well-equipped Organic and Inorganic Laboratory.

b.One physical laboratory.

  1. Activities:
    • Besides the normal academic activities, Department of Chemistry has been conducting state level Chemistry Olympiad annually since 2002 and students of secondary and higher secondary level of Bongaigaon district are motivated to participate in this competition. As a result, a good number of students participate in this state level competition. Performance of the students of Birjhora Mahavidyalaya center is outstanding.
    • Three faculty members, Dr. M.N. Thakuria, Dr. P.Chakravarty and Mr. P. K. Das have completed Minor Research Project sponsored by U.G.C.
    • Research :

Faculty members are actively involved in research activities. Two faculty members Dr. M. N. Thakuria and Dr. P. Chakravarty have already completed their research work leading to Ph.D.

Dr. M. N. Thakuria, Dr. P. ChakravartyandMr. P. K. Das have completed several UGC sponsored Minor Research Project (MRP).

  1. Publications:
  1. Paresh Chakravarty, N.S. Sarma and H.P Sarma. Removal of lead (II) from Aqueous Solution using heartwood of Areca catechu powder. Desalination. 256(1-3), 2010, 6-21. (Elsevier)
  2. Paresh Chakravarty, N.S. Sarma and H.P Sarma, Biosorption of cadmium(II) from aqueous solution using heartwood of Areca catechu. Chemical Engineering Journal.162, 2010, 949-955. (Elsevier)
  • Paresh Chakravarty, D.C Deka, N.S. Sarma and H.P Sarma, Removal of copper (II) from wastewater by heartwood powder of Areca catechu: Kinetic and equilibrium studies, 40 (2012) 194-203. (Taylor and Francis, U.S.A.)
  1. Other activity relating to research of Dr. P. Chakravarty:

Acted as a Reviewer for the original research article Title: “Biosorption of heavy metals (Cd, Cu, Co and Mn) by thermophilic bacteria, Bacillus thermantarctius and Anoxybacillusamylolyticus: Equilibrium and Kinetic studies” Chemical Engineering Journal, (An ELSEVIER PUBLICATIONS, CALIFORNIA, U.S.A)