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 Designation: Selection Grade Lecturer

 Qualification: M Sc. Ph.D.

Contact email address: ranuroy_bng@ rediffmail.com

Subject specialization: Plant Physiology

Contact no.: 9435022651 (M); 03664223343

Field of research: Environmental pollution

Publication: Research paper



a) Roy. R. and Thakuria. M. N. 2007; Status of the drinking water quality in schools of Bongaigaon area of  Bongaigaon District of Assam, Nature Environment and Pollution Technology Techno science Publication Vol-6 No 3 pp 485-489

b) Roy. R. and Thakuria. M. N. 200; A comparative study of drinking water quality of different sources of Bongaigaon area of Bongaigaon District, Assam, with reference to physico-chemical and bacteriological characterizations;  Journal of the Assam Science Society.

9. Activities in corporate life of the College :  

               i) Member of  Birjhora Herbal Garden maintenance committee, 2001-2007                      

               ii) Member of Library Committee, Birjhora Mahavidyalaya, 2004.

               iii) Member of Extension Education Cell, Birjhora Mahavidyalaya,


      iv) Member of Admission Committee, Birjhora Mahavidyalaya, 2003- 2007.

               v) Member of Internal Quality Assurance Cell, Birjhora Mahavidyalaya, 2005-2007.

              vi) Member of Academic Council, Birjhora Mahavidyalaya, 2005-2007.

              vii) Co-convener of Women Cell, Birjhora Mahavidyalaya, 2004-2007.

Viii) President of  Birjhora MahavidyalayaTeacher unit            

ix) Teacher in charge, Social service, Birjhora Mahavidyalaya

       x) Teacher in charge, college canteen, Birjhora Mahavidyalaya.


      ( b)  Other co curricular activities  :  Short term certificate courses as under-

                                                   I) Trainer of Mushroom cultivation training

                                                  II) Trainer of Orchid culture training

                                            iii). Conducting National Environment Awareness Campaign Program since 2003 

   (c) Membership taken: I) Life Member of Indian Society for Plan Physiology                                                                                                               

                                       II) Life Member of (Technoscience Publication) Nature Environment      

                                 And Pollution Technology

                              III) Life Member of Assam Science Society

                             IV) Life Member of Assam Horticultural Society

  V) Regional Coordinator of Aaranyak, (West Assam Zone) a society

      for Bio-diversity  conservation in North East India

   VI) Member of Birjhora Mahila Sangha, Bongaigaon.

10. Hobbies: Teaching and activities for Biodiversity conservation.







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